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     "I loved working with Mrs. Terri ! She took her time to make sure all of the pictures came out perfect. She was very positive the entire time and made sure I was happy and having fun. Mrs. Terri truly goes above and beyond to capture the most perfect pictures to remember your special time! She was a real pleasure to work with 10/10 would recommend!!"


                                                                                                      Grace Galey

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     "While searching for the perfect senior portrait photographer, I had plenty of options, but when I came across Remember When Photography by Terri, I knew Mrs. Terri would be the one to take my senior pictures. 

     She was super flexible, affordable, and her pictures were absolutely amazing. After not one but two great sessions with Mrs. Terri, I could not have been more pleased. The atmosphere during my sessions was very upbeat and fun which allowed me to be my true self for the best results. She was able to capture everything I wanted and more for my senior pictures( and was even able to edit out my braces).

     In the end, I wouldn't change anything about my choices for a senior portrait photographer. I would 100% recommend Remember When Photography by Terri to anyone who is looking for an amazing photographer for any event!!! "    
Emily Witt

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     "I highly recommend booking with Mrs. Terri @ Remember When Photography by Terri!!! She is SO sweet and SO much fun to work with and she runs a great photography business!

     Anything you want in or around your session she will help accommodate. Sessions with Mrs. Terri are a breeze, no need to worry about a thing. She knows exactly how to highlight any girl's natural beauty so they can shine in their senior casuals. I will love these photos for years to come!!"

                                                                                                         Dena Vial

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     "Our family has had the pleasure of working with Terri @ Remember When Photography by Terri for several sessions now...from the capturing of our daughter's 1 yr cake smash to the capturing of our family portraits. From these images, we created adorable birthday invitations and family Christmas cards.

     Terri was great to work with time after time. Her patience shined through even when our youngest daughter was not in a cooperative mood, and the weather wasn't as favorable as we had hoped.Terri still successfully captured beautiful images with no evidence of the challenges we had to overcome.

     The most difficult part of the process was narrowing down our favorite images because we loved all of them!! We highly recommend Remember When Photography by Terri to capture your memorable milestones & we look forward to Terri capturing ours in the future!!"


                                                                                   The Chalmers Family     

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     "Working with Terri @ Remember When Photography by Terri has been so amazing. My family and I have used her for all of our special moments...from family portraits to our wedding day. Soon she will be capturing precious moments with our new bundle of joy.

     I love how Terri  captures the moment when we think she isn't looking. Those are the best!!! She was extremely patient with our very hyper niece as well as our 8 week old puppy. Terri's passion for photography shows in her work. She takes her time and makes sure that you have the best experience while capturing these amazing images. 

     As much as I want my baby boy to stay little, I can't wait until he begins reaching milestones & achievements so that I can have Terri there to capture every moment of them!!!"

                                                                                  Danielle Raelene Celino 

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     "We LOVE Remember When Photography by Terri!!!  Terri is so sweet and patient with our kids. She always knows how to get everyone to cooperate and capture the perfect picture!! She has photographed so many memories for my family from maternity to 1st birthday. I would use her a million more times!!!"

                                                                          Brandi Knight Morgan

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     "Remember When Photography by Terri took Devin's senior portraits. All of the pictures came out so good making it so hard to choose. Terri did a wonderful job and I can't thank her enough for these lasting memories of Devin's senior year."


                                                                       Cindy LeCompte Skipps

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     "Terri with Remember When Photography by Terri is a true professional. Whether photographing individuals or groups, she will capture the moment perfectly! Terri's personality is amazing. Her ability to work with children of all ages and her attention to details make her the best!!!"


                                                                             Peggy Romano

     "Terri is a wonderful person to work with not only as a close friend, but as a true professional. I asked her to take photos of my daughter's bridal shower at Ormond Plantation just to have memories of that day. Terri went well above my expectations. The entire afternoon was photographed. Every picture we received afterwards told the story of that day with my daughter and all of our family and friends there. The professional service Terri gave me was unbelievable and the response back on the photos from that day was done in a very quickly manner. I would definitely recommend Terri with Remember When Photography by Terri for any and all photos needed."

                                                                   Renee Aizen Legendre

     "Terri captured my heart in photos! She gave me the most beautiful gift of stopping time so I can remember this very special moment forever. 18 and a senior! Terri certainly has an eye and a talent for taking great pictures. She captured  so many to select from that I just had to get multiples in every pose! She's the best!

We're scheduling family photos in the fall and I just can't wait!

Thank you Terri! "

                                                                                Stephanie Gelpi

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     "It was a pleasure to work with a professional and a mom that made my daughter's senior pictures both beautiful and memorable! Thanks Terri for the wonderful experience."

                                                                                      Jane Galey 

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     "Terri was fantastic and so accommodating with our family and our setting!  It was really special to us to be able to include my dad's antique truck in the shoot. Our family was in from out of town and had a very limited schedule, but Terri really made it work for all of us. The photographs were way more than we ever could have hoped for! They will be a treasured keepsake for many years to come! Absolutely recommend this awesome lady for your photography needs!"

                                                                   Julie Armstrong Fabregas

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     "Terri captured amazing Senior Portraits of Carson! We couldn't be more pleased!!! Her energy, laughter, and accommodating personality made the photo session a pleasurable experience for both of us.(Which was huge considering my son was dreading it, and left the session saying 'It really wasn't that bad, she's so nice!'). Mission accomplished....Carson was happy, mom was happy, and we have beautiful keepsakes for a lifetime!! I would definitely recommend Remember When Photography by Terri to anyone I know in need of professional photographs."

                                                                            Debra Rieder

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     "We love Terri and her work! We've been using Terri for a couple of years now for numerous Family/Milestone sessions. She connected with the whole family and was very patient with our little ones. Our girls always have so much fun with her. Every session has been very relaxed, yet professional and we are always amazed at the finished product. Terri has captured so many precious moments of our family and we look forward to our next session with our newest addition to the family!!"

                                                                        Erin Dugas Soudelier

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     "I've had the pleasure of knowing Terri for over 30 years now since my childhood. During this time, I have watched her passion for photography grow into her profession. Now I have the honor of Terri capturing my family milestones. She is very patient and has developed a great repoir with my daughters. They love working with her!  We've used our images to create beautiful Christmas cards year after year. I highly recommend Remember When Photography by Terri for all of your photography needs. Terri's commitment to excellence really shows in her work and her finished products."

                                                                                       Ryan Chalmers  

1 print LA8A9166-2_-2125.jpg

     "Remember When Photography by Terri captured our family portraits. What a positive experience it was!! Terri was very easy to work with. Her patience allowed us to relax in front of the camera, never feeling rushed.  She was also open to our ideas, while at the same time, getting the guys to cooperate and have fun!! Quite an accomplishment in itself getting three males to enjoy taking pictures(:  The quick turn around time allowed us to use these  images to create beautiful holiday cards. I highly recommend Remember When Photography by Terri !!"

                                                                    Michele LaFrance Detillier

1 print LA8A9166-2_-0685-2.jpg

     "Remember When Photography by Terri...Where a kid can be a kid!!!  A picture is worth a thousand words..... The first one that comes to mind when looking at this image is  F.....U.....N !!!!!!

This is one of my favorite images of my children. Terri truly captured each one of their personalities and candid smiles. She does this successfully with her patience and her ability to relate with my children making it enjoyable for them. Terri has provided me with precious moments like this that will be cherished for years to come. My children are looking forward to our next session with Terri knowing it will be full of fun & laughter!!! I recommend Remember When Photography by Terri to anyone looking for a fun relaxed atmosphere along with beautiful quality professional images!!!"

                                                                               Jackie Hotard Havnen

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     "We loved working with Terri of Remember When Photography by Terri. She made Danielle feel comfortable and was so easy to work with. Terri welcomed adding Zsazsa (Danielle's fur baby) into the session and the pictures are adorable!"

                                                                     Diane Duhe Feagley

1 print LA8A9166-2_-9275-2.jpg

     "We chose Remember When Photography by Terri for our family portraits. There were 15 of us total in our extended family. Terri was very accommodating as we were trying to plan a photo shoot while family was in town. She helped with selecting locations, coordinating outfits, and she even helped us work around inclement weather.  We were very pleased with the professional service and quality of work. Terri took her time to capture every combination possible.... each family individually, grand kids, grand kids with grand parents, grand parents with children, and group images. I would highly recommend Terri for any of your photography needs... you will not be disappointed!"

                                                                              Shannon Casadaban

1 print LA8A9166-2_-1342-2.jpg

     "We have had the pleasure of using Terri to take our family portraits several times, and we are always blown away by the results! She is not only fun and easy to work with, but she captures beautiful memories for us to cherish forever!!"

                                                                                    Ridgely Myers

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     "I decided to take my senior pictures with Remember When Photography by Terri, and I am so glad that I did. Mrs. Terri was absolutely phenomenal!!  I typically don't like taking pictures, but she brought me out of my comfort zone and made the experience enjoyable for me. She genuinely loves her job and is so great at it!"

                                                                               Kirsten Tassin

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     "Mrs. Terri with Remember When Photography by Terri made my senior experience one to remember! She made me feel comfortable and I had a great time while taking the pictures! I was so happy with the results. I loved showing off my pictures to everyone afterwards!"

                                                                             Leah Spurgeon

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     "I've known Terri for almost 12 years and she is a true professional who loves capturing memories for people to treasure. She was very patient and made us relaxed throughout our entire photo session which put our family at ease resulting in beautiful images. Terri is an absolute pleasure to work with and makes the picture process extremely easy."

                                                                              Jessica Donnaud

1 print LA8A9166-2_-2-12.jpg

     " What makes Terri stand out is her passion for people, her attention to details, and her undeniable talent in making each individual's personality shine through her pictures. That statement is valid for people of all ages including teenagers and the very young ones!" 

                                                                            Annie Howat

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     "Talent is the ability to get 14 rambunctious children, my 3 brothers, our wives and our parents to be still for a photo shoot!! You are awesome Terri Ducarpe and a HUGE shout out to Remember When Photography by Terri for these priceless memories!"

                                                                                   Craig Howat

1 print LA8A9166-2_-3141-4.jpg

     "I am so excited about my senior casuals captured by Remember When Photography by Terri!!! If you are looking for a photographer, I 100% recommend Terri!!! It was really fun and an easy experience!!!"

                                                                                  Aarti Patel

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     "I wanted to surprise my wife with pictures of our children for her birthday. Terri was awesome to work with. She was very accommodating in working around our schedules and making herself available when we were able to sneak out of the house. We could not be happier with the experience and quality of Terri's work!! The pictures are beautiful and professionally done!! My wife was very surprised. In fact, they made her cry! Thank you Terri for the great experience and wonderful pictures of our kids that we will treasure forever!! We look forward to working with Terri again, and we have recommended her to our family and friends!"


                                                                                         Tim Gleason

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     "Our experience with Remember When Photography by Terri was amazing. She took her time and had so much patience with my daughter. She made sure Abby was comfortable and paid attention to all of the little details one doesn't normally think about. Terri was very efficient in getting our proofs to us in a timely manner. I definitely recommend Remember When Photography by Terri!!"

                                                                                  Dina Bryant

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     "My husband and I did 'save the date' photos with Terri. Working with Terri was amazing! Her energy is bubbly and generous. She always made us feel comfortable in front of the camera and was very patient and understanding. Terri was punctual and collaborative, and we received our photos quickly. We loved the finished product and highly recommend  her services to all of our friends and family! We love Terri!"

                                                                         Nikki Chalmers 

1 print LA8A9166-2_-0095.jpg

     "A huge thanks to Terri with Remember When Photography by Terri for taking my amazing senior pictures! She's absolutely phenomenal! She made me feel so comfortable and we had a great time adventuring around City Park! If anyone is looking for a photographer to take their pics, she's the perfect fit! Again, thank you Mrs. Terri!"


                                                                               Meredyth Buisson


     "I have used Terri with Remember When Photography by Terri on several occasions ranging from my kid's birthday parties to my parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary party. Having her there to photograph our celebration has allowed my family and I to enjoy the party without having to worry about capturing  the moments ourselves. Terri is very professional, easy to work with, has a great personality, and is very unobtrusive. She fits right in with our family and the result is we have great photos that capture the moment and help preserve the memories. I highly recommend Remember When Photography by Terri!!"

                                                                               Melissa Ganote

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     "I would like to thank Terri with Remember When Photography by Terri for an amazing job. From hiding in the car to capturing every detail of this event! You went above and beyond for my son and his soon to be bride. Thank you once again! I would highly recommend Remember When Photography by Terri right here in Destrehan for those special events!"


                                                                              Wendy Benedetto

1 print LA8A9166-2_-0493-2.jpg

     "Terri @ Remember When Photography by Terri did a wonderful job! Her patience and her professionalism along with her personable approach made for a great session. Terri's eye and relaxed passion captured the moment perfectly. She has such a positive attitude and is open to working with any suggestions . Her calming nature made it so easy and memorable."

                                                                                 Lori Rigby

1 print LA8A9166-2_-0121.jpg

     "I absolutely  loved working with Mrs. Terri! She made sure every picture was perfect. She took the time to make sure I was happy and enjoying what was the most exciting year for me! Mrs. Terri goes above and beyond to make your pictures memorable. She incorporated every detail I could have ever wanted for my senior pictures! I am beyond thankful for the memories that she captured that I will remember forever! It was a pleasure to work with her, and I can't wait to work with her again soon! I would recommend Remember When Photography by Terri for any event!"

                                                                                Hailey Caminita

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